Spring Forward 2006

The Philadelphia Spring Users Group has been growing steadily. We now have close to 200 members on our mailing list and about 40-60 attendees for our meetings held every 2-3 months.

It is now time to kick it up a notch. We are, together with Chariot Solutions, arranging a FREE one-day Spring conference on September 26. The conference will be held at the Penn State Great Valley campus in Malvern, Pennsylvania which is just outside of Philadelphia.

Spring Forward 2006

Chariot Solutions have been organizing free conferences for a couple of years now, and this is a great way for the local Java community to be able to see industry leaders present on mostly open source related topics.

This time we will have over 15 speakers present on a range of topics including New Features in Spring 2.0, Aspect Oriented Programming, Spring Web Flow, Ajax & DWR and new support for Java Persistence API.

We have invited both members of the core Spring team, well known book authors and a number of local Spring experts to come and present on topics that they are interested in.

Speakers at this conference include
- Ramnivas Laddad, author of ‘AspectJ in Action’
- Keith Donald, Lead for Spring Web Flow
- Matt Raible, author of ‘Spring Live’
- Dain Sundstrom, Chief Architect for IBM Gluecode and Geronimo Committer
- Mike Keith, Co-spec Lead for JSR-220 EJB3

Did I mention that it’s FREE?

More information is available at http://springforward2006.com

Spring Experience 2006

Spring Experience 2006

It’s time for another trip down to Florida in December. Last years “Spring Experience” provided a great conference experience. It was all concentrated in a comfortable hotel over three action packed days. This year the event is held in Hollywood, FL and Jay Zimmerman from No Fluff Just Stuff has promised that we will get to spend time on the beach this year. He is even providing the beach towels. Should be a really fun event.

SpringOne - two months to go


Time to start working on the presentation for SpringOne. There is quite a bit of O/R Mapping coverage, especially EJB3 persistence. Both Patrick Linskey and Mike Keith will present on this topic. So i decided to cover some JDBC techniques that can come in handy for tasks that are not suited for the O/R Mapping technologies. The title is “Spring JDBC — when ORM is not the best choice”. Should be interesting.

Philadelphia Spring Users Group

The Philadelphia Spring Users Group held its first meeting on October 27th in Fort Washington, PA. For presentation slides and sample code plus a few pictures go to the meeting page. For more information about this group join the mailing list.

OSCON 2005 - Slides from Tutorial

The slides from the “JDBC and Web Development with the Spring Framework” tutorial can now be downloaded as a zip file.

You can view the individual sections directly:

Spring JDBC and MVC at OSCON 2005

OSCon Speaker     If you are going to OSCON 2005 in the beginning of August, be sure to attend the JDBC and Web Development with the Spring Framework tutorial on Monday morning. Rob and I have been preparing what should be a very hands on tutorial session on how to get started using Spring in your web applications.

No Fluff Just Stuff - JDBC Development with Spring

Presentation slides from the “JDBC Development with the Spring Framework” presentation at No Fluff Just Stuff in Philadelphia in March of 2005.
JDBC Development with Spring Framework Presentation

Spring DAO and JDBC Presentation

Slides from the “Spring DAO and JDBC Presentation” at Philadelphia JUG in March of 2004.
Spring DAO and JDBC Presentation